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Cost of overwork

When results are no longer proportional to hours worked

During the day, after a few hours of concentration, fatigue distracts us and our mind wanders. This happens especially in the early afternoon and hits harder from the middle of our work week. Our productivity is decreasing. We are present at our office, but ... It is at this time that we decides to take another coffee. But this is not what our body asks us and always push a little more, the machine ends up catching us.

A 2012 report by the Conference Board of Canada * estimated the annual cost of mental illness in Canada at $ 20 billion due to absenteeism and presenteeism. This, without considering the costs of depression and burnout on the economy.

In a world where more than 40% of adults living sleep problems, the occasional nap at work is a prime lever for the human resources manager.

Studies show that every dollar invested in worker health prevention can bring as much as four to the employer. Of this amount, a significant fraction is attributable to problems of a psychological nature, directly affected by sleep.
The occasional nap at work or meditation not only decreases immediate fatigue, but also latent stress and anxiety, it increases performance, concentration, creativity and positively affects the sense of accomplishment for the employee. The employer then observed a decrease in presenteeism, absenteeism and sick leave for burnout and benefits from a significant reduction in direct and indirect corporate costs involved, such as the cost of group insurance.

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